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Studio 29: Barry Beach

Sculpture - various media
(found materials, wood, paper, etc.)

BarryBeach Accumulations 4  

Accumulation #4, Barry Beach 2021, reclaimed materials including wood decking, wood trim, wood flooring, wood cabinets, PVC and kitchen countertops 25”  x 31”  x 25” h.

BarryBeach-IMG 8017 
from the Accumulated Landscape series, Barry Beach 2020, paper, glue, wood, each 12” h x 9" w x 3” d. 

from the Accumulated Landscape series, Barry Beach 2020, foam, paper, PVC, wood, glue and reclaimed vinyl, polyester, paper and aluminum, 13" h x 4”w x 35:" d.

I am compelled by the natural processes of transformation. I use transformational processes in creating my work, including deconstruction, reconstruction, carving, accumulating, covering, and coating.


My processes include using combinations of new, used, natural, and industrial materials for their physical and psychological effects. Recent work explores topography, geology, accumulation, removal, and renewal.


The natural landscape influences my work through the physicality of materials, natural and human-built structures, geology, natural history, and years of experiencing North American mountains through extensive traveling and hiking. 


The tension of intersecting human and natural landscapes fascinates me, hybrid areas where the human and non-human worlds intersect: protected land, open spaces, urban areas, and rural areas. Observing the natural world inspires me, helping me see cycles and patterns: surface/form, order/chaos, organic/synthetic, life/death/renewal.


Contact Info:


G @barrybeachartwork

studio hours: evenings and weekends typically