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1337 Gallery - Current Exhibit

1337 Gallery • Current

Small Works Exhibition

November 16—December 22, 2018
Reception: December 14, 5–8pm

The Small Works Exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to find unique, quality artwork for the holiday gift-giving season.

 Small Works 2018

Featuring: Kate Barrengos, Karen Barry, Annie Bates-Winship, Beverly Brown, Kevin Brown, Kristen Brown, Jan Buscho, Angela Casey, Gail Caulfield, Dan Caven, John Cobb, Siobhan Cooke, Eileen Davidson, Suzanne Engelberg, Licita Fernández, Paul Ford, Karyn Gabriel, Anki Gelb, J. M. Golden, Valeriya Grant, Jennifer Hall, Cele Hanzel, Christine Huhn, Claude Ibrahimoff, Josie Juantorena, Stephanie Jucker, Stephen Kane, Kyung Min Kim, Connie Kirk, Barbara Bryn Klare, Kate Knudsen, Ann Langston, Barbara Lawrence, Miran Lee, Nini Lion, Dulce MacLeod, Liz Mamorsky, James Marc, John McDonald, Patricia Oji, Marianne Owens, Justin Pastores, Cindy Pavlinac, Davis Perkins, Barbara Poole, Susan Press, Margo Reis, Cayen Robertson, Andreana Rosnik, Susan Searway-Fertig, Marina Smelik, Ann Switzer, Leitha Thrall, Sue Weil, Kelly Won, Melissa Woodburn, Yige Xie


Juror: Cameron Brian, Owner and Director of Transmission Gallery, 770 West Grand Ave. Oakland California;



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