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1325 Donors' Gallery • Upcoming

Michael Wong Loi Sing La bone nouvelle acrlique sur  tissu 141X181 
© Michael Wong Loi Sing 


An exhibition featuring Surname artists
Isan Corinde, Marcel Pinas, Michael Wong Loi Sing

March 10–April 8, 2017
Opening Reception: March 10 • 5–8pm

"LUKUNO," is a common term in Sranang Tongo, the most widely spoken of 27 languages in Suriname's population of under 600,000. "Luku no," is best translated as "Hey look," as it similarly embraces a variety of statements, questions, even commands. As "Hey look," Luku no" can mean "Watch this," "Hey listen," "look then!" "So, here's what I mean," "Well, look then!" even "I told you so!" based on subtle inflections of delivery. We chose to call our exhibit LUKUNO to have you say HEYLOOK.

Suriname is a country steeped in hues of thick green amazonian canopy, winding transclucent brown waterways, birds and flowers competing with and complementing each other in vibrant call and response colors, stark white sand savanna and rust gravel roads.

Jake Reichart, Curator

I lived in Suriname for most of my childhood, so these images, having these shapes and colors and patterns, traditional and inventive in message and story, having these images come to the Bay Area, my other home, is a dream come true. In 1993, I was one of the founding board members of Suriname Art 2000, a cooperative to lend support and provide exposure for young and aspiring artists. This exhibit will serve as yet another step in sharing this country's richness with the world. We look forward to seeing you. -Jake 

Isan Corinde image2 Isan

© Isan Corinde

MarcelPinas 032 closeup122

© Marcel Pinas

Michael Wong Loi Sing photos exp035

© Michael Wong Loi Sing

Isan Corinde image1 Isan

© Isan Corinde


© Marcel Pinas


Signs of Hope

April 14–29, 2017
Reception: April 14 • 5–8pm

Today’s new political reality has spawned a movement unlike anything we’ve seen since Nixon and the Vietnam War. Millions marched across America and around the world the day after the Inauguration, and hopefully this exciting engagement with the political system will continue.

Folks have gotten off their couches and into the streets, caring signs of all kinds representing their own point of view about a myriad of issues. So we have decided to mount an exhibition at Art Works Downtown of the most imaginative and artistic signs.

On April 14th, selected signs will be displayed throughout the building, and the reception that evening will feature food, wine & beer, great music, and an opportunity to participate in the creation of a banner of hope.

For more information click here


Asmund Gjevik

May 5–June 3, 2017
Reception: May 12 • 5–8pm


To Be Announced

June 9-July 8, 2017
Reception: June 9 • 5–8pm


To Be Announced

July 14-August 5, 2017
Reception: July 14 • 5–8pm

To Be Announced

August 11-September 6, 2017
Reception: August 11 • 5–8pm


To Be Announced

September 8—October 11, 2017
September 8 • 5–8pm


To Be Announced

October 13-November 7, 2017
Reception:October 13 • 5–8pm



To Be Announced

November 10-December 5, 2017
Reception: November 10 • 5–8pm


AWD Members Exhibition

December 8, 2017-January 9, 2018
Reception: December 8 • 5–8pm

The Members’ Exhibition will showcase the many talented artists who are members of the Art Works Downtown community. Artworks created by Studio Artists and artists from outside the AWD building will be available for the holiday gift buying season in a salon style exhibition format. Don’t miss this opportunity to shop for your next masterpiece.

This space is available monthly to artists for solo shows or small group shows. How to apply


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