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Stories in Clay Susan Press 2019

 Susan Press She's Playing Her Song Mixed Media

She's Playing Her Song © Susan Press, ceramic

 Susan Press Blackbirds Ceramic 17x9x9

Blackbirds © Susan Press, ceramic, 17" x 9" x 9".

Stories in Clay

ceramics sculpture by Susan Press

January 11—February 2, 2019
Reception: January 11, 5pm–8pm

Since the early 70’s, I have been working primarily with ceramic clay. I studied art at the San Francisco Art Institute with focus on lithographic printmaking and hand-built ceramics. I studied under Richard Graf and Richard Shaw.

Using both low and high fire clay I construct variations on the human figure. Sometimes the form takes that of hanging puppets and other times free standing or walled-boxed figures. My work has often been described as illustrative. With each piece I do attempt to tell a story either with the figure or figures in the piece, and/or the materials I use to embellish the work. Photo strips are chosen to relate to the figures and their expressions. Found materials are meant to trigger a memory or personal story in those viewing a figure. I hope to sometimes stir emotions including delight and humor.