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Curiously Grim Eric Kelly 2018

 Eric Kelly The Sorrows med

The Sorrows © Eric Kelly

Eric Kelly Santos The Chamber of Darkness

Santos The Chamber of Darkness © Eric Kelly

Eric Kelly Milagros Night med

Milagros © Eric Kelly

Curiously Grim

digital collage and mixed media by Eric Kelly with Le Mysteri

September 14—October 6, 2018
Reception: September 14, 5pm–8pm

Victorian Photography Takes A Surreal Turn In San Rafael Art Installation

Drawing from his extensive collection of peculiar 19th century photography as well as classic public domain images, Eric Kelly uses digital processing to combine and transform antique images into surreal dreamscapes and assemblages. He constructs the artwork in layers of metal leaf, digital prints, found objects, and resin, mounted on wooden panels or antique printers trays. Some of his artworks use multiple layers of clear resin to float images and objects in three dimensional space, creating the illusion of being suspended in liquid.

The end result can be unsettling, with viewers finding themselves face to face with the unflinching gaze of portrait sitters long since forgotten, but now revivified within a strange dream tableau. Described as “curiously grim” by SF Station, his art can also be darkly humorous – one print series transforms unintentionally absurd old photos into storybook illustrations, complete with florid Victorian-style captions.

Resembling a theater set more than the whitewashed space of a typical art gallery, the installation showcasing the art is designed by Rodney Griffin, for many years associated with the Edwardian Ball, and a founding member of Le Mysterium Art Collective. His whimsical lamps, often with antique cameras as the base, perform dual duty as gallery lighting and decor.

Eric Kelly studied art at California College of Arts and Crafts, and over the years explored lithography, paper making, traditional collage, drawing, graphic arts and commercial design. Although he now uses sophisticated digital imaging, his artwork remains rooted in tangible, meticulously assembled materials, and harkens back to an era when the boundaries between fine art, craft and decoration were less strongly drawn than today.

Instagram: @erickellyart

Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 415.264.9809