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The Bark Beetle 2019

The Bark Beetle

Pavel Arcevedo 

©  Pavel Acevedo

Liam Ericson Lycia            

 Lycia  ©  Liam Ericson

Liam Ericson, Pavel Acevedo

July 12-August 3, 2019

Reception: July 12 • 5–8pm

Bark beetles tunnel and etch marks into wood. In some way, this represents the process artists Liam Ericson and Pavel Acevedo employ as linocut and woodblock artists. Ericson states, “our work is really just about the human story: history, immigration, changes in culture, storytelling, and our ever-changing perspectives and interpretations.” Bark Beetle will feature a cross-section of works by these two unique and dynamic printmaking artists.

Liam Ericson:  

Pavel Acevedo: