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Open Space 2019

AssassinsBambi Simon Bermeo-Ehmann

AssassinsBambi © 2019   Simon Bermeo-Ehmann

Open Space

March 8–April 27, 2019
Receptions: March 8 • 5–8pm + April 12 • 5–8pm

We are excited to announce OPEN SPACE , a group show of four young emerging artists who grew up in Marin County: Simon Bermeo-Ehmann, LaVetta Clark-Poets, Zach McLane, and Mackenzie Morshead.

Marin County is defined by its open space. Its residents coexist with natural space—they live next to it, they hike through it, they drive by it on their way to work. For those of us who grew up in Marin County, we spent our childhoods in open space. We found hidden trails that felt all our own and snuck out late into the quiet intimacy that open spaces afford.

As artists, our work is informed by the world around us, the spaces we inhabit, those places we have left, and those places we have returned to. As young people navigating the space between childhood and adulthood, we often find ourselves in another kind of open space∫ the space of transition. The open space between childhood and the lives we want to live, between the past and what we hope the future might be.

We find our own space, make our own space, ask others to host us in theirs. Art making is about creating a space between oneself and the world, and it is as much about creating that space as it is about understanding it.

Simon Bermeo-Ehmann

Simon Bermeo-Ehmann is a San Francisco based artist, he received his BFA at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, BC. His work highlights the mechanistic format that society functions in. He uses documentary style photographs to depict sites of labor, bridging the divide between public and private spaces. A significant part of his practice has been dedicated to depicting facets of society that are forgotten by the public. These spaces are often overlooked but play significant roles in the everyday. Recently he has been exploring virtual spaces and utilizing games like Grand Theft Auto V to make his work. He’s interested in the inclination humans have towards the simulacrum and how many favor the simulation over reality.

Lavetta Clark-Poets

Lavetta Clark-Poets is an artist based out of West Marin. She is a multidisciplinary artist working with photography, sculpture, digital drawing and painting. As a starting point in her work Lavetta draws inspiration from photographs, memories, and the people around her. As she paints she distorts faces and body parts into various shapes and hues until they are indecipherable from their reference point. Her works are characterized by their luminance and melancholic tones. After attending a color theory course at College of Marin she expanded her palette and became interested in the relationships between colors and how they complement one another.

Zach McLane

Zach McLane is research-based artist and writer. He is informed by critical theory, art history, and experimental film. His work takes shape in essays, videos, and poems. It moves between memoir and theoretical discourse, personal reflection and artistic critique. Recently, he has been interested in the movement of people and how words and images move with  

Mackenzie Morshead

To be human is to be contained within a body, our experiences and understanding of the world and ourselves are encased. What perceptions pass in and out of our bodies are infinitely distorted, with few quick glimmering moments of clarity. This body of photographs explores the emotional result of the often limited connection between the internal and external. Embroidery thread moves in and out of the images, weaving the physical textural world with the photographic plane and reflecting the in between state of physical existence. The contorted, confused, and sometimes calm human forms reflect my experience teetering between the self and the other.

lavetta untitled

Nintendo #1 © 2019   Lavetta Clark-Poets

Zach McLane2

©  Zach McLane

Mackenzie Morshead2

©  Mackenzie Morshead