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The Bigger Picture Heather McFarlin 2018

Heather McFarlin

The Bigger Picture

Heather McFarlin

September 14—October 6, 2018
Reception: September 14, 5pm–8pm

For Heather McFarlin, abstract painting and the creative process go hand in hand with intuition and insight, producing a greater understanding of her life and the world at large. Often times the ‘bigger picture’ becomes clear as the painting progresses, and understanding is gleaned in areas such as personal healing, or in response to a specific subject or topic Heather wants to explore, or simply an energetic shift that happens when a painting finally comes together. Symbols, images, gestural marks, color, and even the composition that emerges are all part of this process that help inform her.

The ‘bigger picture’ or insight experience is enhanced by the scope or size of the project. Painting in a large scale provides what feels like a more intense, up-close experience with the subject matter as well as paint itself.

Heather McFarlin studied painting and drawing at California State University, Chico, receiving a B.A. in 1993 with a minor in Art. She went on to study continuing education classes at the Art Institute in San Francisco. Having a long-standing private practice as a professional healer and immersed in the healing arts, she finds fine art and the healing arts inform each other in a synergistic way. She has been exhibiting her work in the Bay Area for the last ten years, and was featured in Netflix’s SENSE8, Season 2 in 2017.