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Finding Lost Heidi Sandvoll 2018

 Heidi Sandvoll
And The Moon Rose © Heidi Sandvoll 2016, acrylic, charcoal, and pencil onmasonite, 7'6.5" x 3.5"

Finding Lost

Heidi Sandvoll

January 12-February 6, 2018
Reception: January 12 • 5–8pm

Ten years ago, I decided to put pen to paper and draw for as long as I could physically draw in order to get over a heart break. The body of work was called “Obsession to Meditation” a hopeful title. I pretended that it worked. But soon enough, I ended up with another heart ache. That pattern has continued and I feel lost in it. I haven’t been able to draw or paint or create anything to get me out of lost. The words “Finding Lost” slipped into my mind one day. Since I was in Lost, I felt that I should see what Lost was about for me. I would paint without planning, more like mindless doodling. I found boats in the doodles and trees and waves. I am sure they have some meaning that I have yet to ascertain. I draw animals simply because I like them and they bring comfort. I think if I make Lost into my home, being there won't be so hurtful. 


Heidi Sandvoll Bio

From Marin County, I began my art study in Los Angeles under the tutelage of Joseph Blaustein. It was a concentration of figurative expressionism. I moved back to the Bay Area and West Marin specifically twenty two years ago, raising both my kids there. I am inspired and affected by the twisty turning lines of nature which are incorporated into my narrative paintings. I have shown consistently at numerous venues in the bay area including Bolinas Museum. I have also branched into costume and set design for contemporary dance and installation work.