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Brian Andrews 2017

Brian-Andrews Yggdrasill-study4
Yggdrasill © Brian Andrews 


Brian Andrews


October 13-November 7, 2017
Reception:October 13 • 5–8pm


My intention is to create an immersive sensory experience: that perfect moment during a sunset where racing thoughts and quiet contemplation meet. A half open door of possibility, where all the questions and answers of our existance lie on the tip of your tongue.

This is why I’m drawn to maps as a metaphor. Maps promise a reality that can be known. Some myths are stored in our language, but others are enbedded in our model of the real, our map. My work asks the question: did the map create the teritory or the teritory the map? Is a sunset beautiful, or do we have a sense of beauty that evolved to fit the sky?

The process of carving mirrors this kind of mapmaking. The Taoist idea of the uncarved block tells us wood in it’s natural state represents the essense of wholeness. It represents an intrinsic quality of the world itself. In watching the material take shape and the bed of chips build on the floor I’m literally layering my own map onto the uncarved world.