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IDPs, Refugees, Detainees, and Deportees Lara Myers 2017

refugee lara myer2 

Get in the Car Kids, It's Time to Go 
2017  Lara Myers

Get In The Car Kids, It's Time To Go: IDPs, Refugees, Detainees, and Deportees

Lara Myers

July 14–August 5, 2017
Receptions: July 14 • 5-8pm; July 29 • 1–5pm and August 5, 1-5pm

Get In The Car Kids, It's Time To Go:  IDPs, Refugees, Detainees, and Deportees is 

Get In The Car Kids, It's Time To Go:  IDPs, Refugees, Detainees and Deportees is an installation of a mock boutique and workshop that makes and sells baby and toddler clothing appliquéd with the label IDP, Refugee, Detainee, or Deportee. (An IDP is an "Internally Displaced Person" which means a refugee who stays within the borders of his/her country. There are more IDPs and refugees as the result of climate change/extreme weather than there are from war/conflict.) The workshop is a functioning space where Lara will continue to make product for the mock store during the length of the show.

This exhibit also showcases Fuel Fossils, the first documentary art installation that she created during her year as the 2016/2017 Max Thelen Studio Residency Artist. The premise is that it is far, far in the future and nobody knows what plastic is anymore. Archaeologists keep digging up plastic packaging, and as archaeologists do today to identify what a fossil is of, castings of the plastic forms were made. The exhibit consists of over 200 plaster castings displayed on a ten-foot by five-foot platform on the floor and the corresponding plastic packaging displayed on the wall.

Reception: July 29, 1:00 to 5:00 and August 5, 1:00 to 5:00 (the final day of the show)