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Jonathan Eden 2017

Jonathan Eden Elk in Mist
Elk in Mist © Jonathan Eden

The Landscape Enchanted 
Photographs of the Rocky Mountain West

Jonathan Eden 

March 10–April 8, 2017
Opening Reception: March 10 • 5–8pm

These photographs are a celebration of the landscape and wild animals of the great up-thrusting spine of the American West, the Rocky Mountains. Yet these images come from a place of both sadness and hope. Sadness because open wild vistas are disappearing. With the population of the United States exploding with nearly a million more people every year, open spaces are succumbing to cities, highways, and human settlement multiple forms. Numbers of most wild mammals are shrinking with loss of habitat, as their homes are destroyed. Ultimately, though, Jonathan Eden see his photographs as a form of paying respect to environmental activists – individuals who pushed for the creation of the National Parks, permanent public lands, and wildlife preserves. Jonathan has hope that there always will be individuals devoted to preserving wild lands and the creatures that live in these lands.

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Jonathan Eden Geese Crossing Yellowstone River

Geese Crossing Yellowstone River ©  Jonathan Eden

Jonathan Eden Lilies in Foggy Lake

Lilies in Foggy Lake © Jonathan Eden

Jonathan Eden Moose

Moose ©  Jonathan Eden

Jonathan Eden River Otter Eating Trout

River Otter Eating Trout © Jonathan Eden