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Profiles People Places and Things Gil Sambrano

Sambrano-Liberty Island
 Liberty Island   ©   2014 Gil Sambrano, 16"x20"

Profiles: People, Places, and Things

Gil Sambrano

November 11-December 3, 2016
Reception: November 11 • 5–8pm

The exhibition presents a collection of acrylic paintings by artist, Gil Sambrano, featuring works that span the spectrum of portraits, cityscapes and objects. The subject of each painting is indeed a profile; a product of the focused study and observation that is necessary to create each piece.  Many artists will note that one has not truly seen or appreciated a subject of interest until one has attempted to transpose it onto paper or canvas. Capturing a subject starts with curiosity. Something captures our interest – we may not know why – and we place it in the crosshairs of our perceptual viewfinder, bringing it into focus. We study the contours and textures and we break it apart into basic elements we can understand: shapes, patterns, colors and lines. We assemble and transfer these elements with paint and brush to form an interpretation made from our unique perspective. Perhaps this exhibition is best considered a collection of subjects that have all captured the artist and inspired him to keenly observe to produce these interesting profiles.

Gil is a Marin County artist who happens to also hold a degree and career in biomedical science. He was raised in West Texas but found his way to California through graduate school. After more than 20 years in the Bay Area, this is home. Gil has exhibited his work in various venues including the Marin County Fair, California State Fair, Marin Society of Artists, and Art Works Downtown. His work was selected for the cover of KFOG’s “Live from the Archives 10th Anniversary” music CD, for an insert of “NYC Subway: Songs from the Underground” music CD, and the cover for the Journal of Neuroscience.  Several logos and illustrations have also been selected or