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Summer Colors 2016

David Antonio 

© David Antonio  

loring doyle johnny two hands best

Johnny Two Hands Best  ©Loring Doyle

Summer Colors

David Antonio + Loring Doyle

July 8-August 6, 2016
Reception: July 8 • 5–8pm

Summer Colors is an exhibition featuring the colorful paintings of two painters. Loring Doyle’s paintings are humorous, surreal, erotic, and contain colors and shapes that suggest dreamlike landscapes. David Antonio’s works are portal’s into a parallel world which often highlight the ancient and magical symbol, ABRACADABRA.

David Antonio
For me, art is a portal to a parallel world. Painting allows me the joy of being a temporary channel from an unknown source of inspiration. The painting process enhances my life as I discover new ideas and resolve challenges that reveal themselves through the work.

I incorporated ABRACADABRA many years ago in my art as a secondary element, but highlight this ancient magical symbol as the subject of my most recent paintings.

Loring Doyle
Loring Doyle is a well-known visual effects artist who has been painting for years and has recently begun exhibiting his personal artwork. For over 25 years, Loring has worked on award winning, feature films starting with George Lucas’s The Empire Strikes Back, made at Industrial Light and Magic. After working on 35 feature films, Loring has spent the last few years painting ideas and sketches. The work is humorous, surreal, erotic, and contains colors and shapes that suggest dreamlike landscapes.


 Loring received his BFA and a MFA from California Institute of the arts. He has taught at many local colleges including Dominican University here in San Rafael. Working not only in America but also Spain, England and New Zealand, he has received numerous awards and had a animated short shown at the Museum of Modern Art in New York city. He lives in San Rafael with his attorney wife and has three daughters, two son in laws and three grandchildren who are his biggest fans.      

loring doyle larks 2 sat    loring doyle peppermint stockings 316   

Larks 2 Sat ©Loring Doyle                Peppermint Stockings 316 ©  Loring Doyle