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About Geometrics - Charles Winstead

Abstract Geometrics in Multiple Media

Charles Winstead Evolution

Evolution © Charles Windstead,acrylic on aluminum, 45" x 30"  

Artwork by Charles Winstead

December 12, 2014-January 3, 2015
Reception: December 12 • 5–8pm

Sculpture, oil on canvas, textiles, acrylic on aluminum


Modern scientific understanding of the nature of reality postulates multiple dimensions beyond space-time. These dimensions are impossible for humans to directly observe through our physical senses. This art series exercises our ability to comprehend the existence of these extra-spatial dimensions through compression of higher dimensions into two or, in the case of sculpture, three dimensions. For example a 3D grid or cascade is expressed in two dimensions, i.e., on a flat surface. This compression is accomplished by using diagonal lines to represent the third dimension. A 4D cube, aka a tessaract, is expressed in two dimensions with the use of a second perpendicular diagonal line. Other compressions are presented for their sensory effect. Forms, which could not exist in space as we experience it, are described in visual terms. Influences cited for this series would include M. C. Escher, Al Held, Ellsworth Kelly, Sol LeWitt, Agnes Martin, Piet Mondrian, Mel Ramos, Bridget Riley, Frank Stella, and more.

Charles Winstead 4D Star

4D Star © Charles Windstead

Charles Winstead 3

Extended Cascade © Charles Windstead, wool and natural dye, 9"x 28"