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Janelle La Chaux 2016

 Janelle La Chaux HomeBoyz
Dead Homies ©  Janelle La Chaux, 2016

Janelle La Chaux

surrealism paintings

October 14-November 5, 2016
Reception: October 14 • 5–8pm

Janelle La Chaux paints surrealism art with oil paint on canvas. She was born in Berkeley, California and has lived most of her life in the Hayward and Oakland area. Janelle moved to Marin about 5 years ago, loves it, and doesn't want to move.

The content of her works are often sourced from personal experiences such as her life-long illness, Sickle Cell Anemia; the beautiful scenery she sees around the bay area; and inspiration from books. Janelle finds that art is soothing to the soul.

Janelle’s main passion is oil paint on canvas, but she also works in sculpture and clay. She began painting thanks to her uncle’s encouragement. He said “since you can draw you can paint.” So she took a leap of faith, bought some oil paints and canvas, and went for it. She attended classes at College of Marin to learn how to clean her brushes and mix colors and took off from there. Janelle thanks God for giving her an uncle who pushed her to believe in herself so that she can paint anything she puts her mind to.

Janelle La Chaux WillowWater

Willow Waters © Janelle La Chaux 

Janelle La Chaux PurpleSkies

Purple Skies © Janelle La Chaux