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BEAUTYorTRUTH website image


by Pacific Rim Sculptors

April 23–June 13, 2021

While it is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Merriam Webster defines it as “a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses” and truth as “that which is in accordance with fact or reality.” The Latin phrase Pulchritudo splendor veritatis (beauty is the splendor of truth) is thousands of years old, and suggests that beauty and truth are interrelated. John Keats famously declared “Beauty is truth, truth beauty, -- that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

featuring artists:

Barry Beach, Barbara M. Berk, Jan Blythe, Cheryl Coon, Catherine Daley, Tara Daly, Lynn Dau, Rene Dayan-Whitehead, Marguerite Elliot, Eileen Fitz-Faulkner, Jacquelyn Giuffre, Annette Goodfriend, Jane Grimm, Karl Hauser, Maru Hoeber, Rachel Karklin, Jeff Key, Oleg Lobykin, Judy Miller, Jann Nunn,  Joseph Slusky, Marina Smelik, B Stevens Strauss, Charles Stinson, Lynne Todaro, Emil Yanos

juried by: Chandra Cerrito, principal Chandra Cerrito / Art Advisors
Pacific Rim Sculptors: 
Chandra Cerrito's juror statement:
"It has been an honor to jury an exhibition of West Coast sculptors during this strange time of social distancing. From my own personal bubble, I have had the privilege to peek into the creative practices of dedicated artists whom I imagine have been working in relative isolation, some perhaps in makeshift studio spaces, and all within an atmosphere of extreme uncertainty.  Not all the works in BEAUTY or TRUTH were produced in the last year, but all artists engaged with the process of submitting work during that time. I commend all those who participated in this way, for your fortitude in continuing to contribute to your art community despite not knowing how the concurrent pandemic might impact the ultimate exhibition.
"Volumes could be written about the relationships between beauty and art or truth and art–relationships which could be either affirmative or contradictory. Is aesthetic beauty a significant defining feature of art, or does the effort to make a work perceived as beautiful take away from the authentic voice that defines art? If an artist captures with clarity observations of the world or the essence of complex social issues, does that deft representation or condensation of truth contribute to the work’s characterization as art? Do works that are irrational or that imagine what is not yet reality also manifest truth and can the fact that they present alternatives to our known reality be part of what qualifies them as art? I believe the Pacific Rim Sculptors show us that all of these are viable possibilities.
"The broad range of works featured in BEAUTY or TRUTH reflects a rich diversity of sculptural approaches taken by the twenty-six artists who made them. Some artists have mastered  challenging materials or techniques, respectful of deep traditions that have come before them. These artists comment on, embrace, or further long-established sculptural paths like stone carving (Rene Dayan-Whitehead and Marina Smelik), ceramics (Emil Yanos and B Stevens Strauss), textiles (Barbara Berk), representation (Jacquelyn Giuffre), modern abstraction (Rachel Karklin, Maru Hoeber, and Eileen Fitz-Faulkner), and Asian art (Marguerite Elliott). Non-traditional materials or those used in innovative ways drive the works of many featured artists, including Cheryl Coon, Lynn Dau, Barry Beach, Lynne Todaro, Jeff Key, Jan Blythe, and Jann Nunn. Some works, like those by Joseph Slusky and Karl Hauser, exude uncontained energy, whether that be exuberance or eccentricity. Several artists, such as Charles Stinson, Oleg Lobykin, Catherine Daley, and Judy Miller, express points of view or concepts that respond to life in our time. Jane Grimm, Tara Daly, and Annette Goodfriend communicate subtle, wordless psychological states. Visual art, and in this case sculpture, triumphs when it can communicate a rich array of ideas, observations, experimentation, skill, emotions, and states of mind. In doing so, it embodies both beauty and truth."
- Chandra Cerrito, juror