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Ceramic Sensibilities 2019


Ceramic Sensibilities 

Ceramic Sensibilities

September 20–November 8, 2019
Receptions: October 11 • 5–8pm + November 8 • 5–8pm

Art Works Downtown presents an intriguing exhibition of Bay Area ceramic artists. Ceramic Sensibilities features works chosen for their inventiveness, a high level of skill, and thoughtful use of the medium with a focus on individual expression. We invite you to explore and delight in this unique selection of ceramic artistry.

Mimi Abers, Bill Abright, Isidoro Angeles, Gail Ritchie Bobeda, Gail Caulfield, JoAnn Coffino, Natasha Dikareva, Judy Dornbush, Sam Fleeger, Carol Fregoso, Tebby George, Diana Greenleaf, Heather Hillard, Susan Hontalas, Susie Kelly, Daniel Klapprott, Francoise LeClerc, Gary Marsh, Vince Montague, Gordon Morris, Kathy Pallie, Shoshana Parry, Al Sinerco, Marina Smelik, Irmgard Sundermeyer, Claudia Tarantino, Nadia Tarzi-Saccardi, Melissa Woodburn, Emil Yanos

Marin ArtsJurors: 

Bill Abright, exhibiting artist, lifetime ceramist, retired professor of art and ceramics; 
Claudia Tarantino, exhibiting artist, lifetime ceramist, accomplished object and art restorer; 

Images—top row, L–R: © Susie Kelly; © Carol Fregoso; © Melissa Woodburn; middle row, L-R: © Daniel Klapprott; © Francoise LeClerc; © Vince Montague; © Gary Marsh; © Marina Smelik; bottom row, L–R: © Judy Dornbush; © Gail Ritchie Bobeda; © Kathy Pallie; © Tebby George; image, R: © Emil Yanos.