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After Nature 2018

After Nature Postcard2After Nature

April 20–June 1, 2018
Reception: May 11 • 5–8pm

The theme for this exhibition was inspired by conversations about the blurring of the line between what we consider natural, and what we consider unnatural. There is a rich history of artists working in nature and with scientific research specimens to render animals, insects and plants in all of their diverse splendor. Let’s call this the natural. We are also at a point in time where nature is inseparable from human influence–we have entered the geographic footprint and forever changed ecosystems, the landscape and the climate–leaving the nonhuman life of the planet to respond and adapt, or perish. This is where the line begins to blur. Seeking to present both a catalog of living things, and to reflect upon the future of “natural” development in the Anthropocene Epoch, After Natures intent is to explore, in equal parts, traditions of “capturing nature” through means such as photography and still life painting, evaluate the current response of nature to humans, and consider what may yet be to come.

Featuring: Ellery Akers, Angelique Benicio, Mary Blake, Melissa Bolger, Tiffany Bozic, Molly Brown, Emily Budd, Kristine Bybee, Shone Chacko, Joeann Edmonds-Matthew, Tina Erickson, Ryan Erler, Anne Garden, Tom Gehrig, Georgia Gibbs, Vicki Gunter, Ayris Hatton, Joanna Kidd, Maryann Nardo, Win Normandi, Marianne Owens, Stephanie Peek, Anne-Whitney Pennypacker, David Reisine, Clark Rendall, Susan Searway-Fertig, Marie Van Elder 

Juror: Sharon Bliss, Interim Director at Fine Arts Gallery, San Francisco State University

Images—Top row, L–R: Lost Wax © Emily Budd; Stump VI © Marie Van Elder; Burmese Beetle © Molly Brown; Redemption © Win Normandi; Mother and Child Octopi © David Reisine. Bottom row, L–R: Conquerer's Gauntlet © Angelique Benicio; Midnight Flowers II © Stephanie Peek; Reconnoitering Confusion Hill © Tom Gehrig; Specimens (detail) © Joanna Kidd (top); Turbine Pass © Joeann Edmonds-Matthew (bottom).