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Climate Change

Climate Change

Climate Change Postcard2

Images: Salmon © A. Gaul Culley (left column top); King Tide at Crab Cove © 2013 Ron Rothbart (left column middle); Beth Terry © 2013 Tess Felix (left column bottom); Coywolf © 2014 Ellen Litwiller (2nd column top); Continuum © 2007 Lawrence LaBianca (2nd column middle); Canaries & Elephants 6–Oil & Ice © 2011 Vicki Gunter (2nd column bottom); Legacy © 2011 Constance Anderson (right column top); Byte-cycle © 2014 Angela Gonzalez (right column middle); Chulas Fronteras © 2015 Pamela Blotner and Elizabeth Addison (right column bottom).

January 8–February 26,2016
Receptions: January 8, 5–8pm + February 12, 5–8pm

Description of Theme:
Climate Change exhibition aims to inspire stewardship of the planet by showcasing artists' visions of adaptation and responses to our changing environment.

Constance Anderson, Janice Best, Pamela Blotner and Elizabeth Addison, Marvin Burke, Norlynne Coar, Joyce Creswell, 
A. Gaul Culley, Denise Deleray, Eden V. Evans, Tess Felix, Susan Galleymore, Anne Garden, Angela Gonzalez, Vicki Gunter, Jamil Hellu, Cynthia Jensen, Bonnie Kuhr, Lawrence LaBianca, Ellen Litwiller, Kara Maria, Lara Myers, Elise Odom, Barbara Poole, Marcia Poole, Ron Rothbart, Rita Sklar, Lorraine Weglarz, Ama Wertz

Juror’s Statement
Art Works Downtown’s exhibition Climate Change brings a propitiously timed show to the San Rafael community. Artists depict the subject of climate change in a visual dialogue introducing viewers to the complexities that people, governments and societies face when envisioning Climate Change. Climate change within the Anthropocene epoch is based on human activities that generate anthropogenic, greenhouse gases, distinct from the greenhouse gases naturally present in the atmosphere. These emissions alter the atmosphere's composition, causing the “increased greenhouse effect that is leading to global warming.” The exhibition explores issues that led up to it and what it means to adapt to Climate Change. In December 12, 2015, 195 countries signed an historic global climate agreement in Paris, France. Artists instinctively captured the range of topics nations addressed at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, such as global warming, extinction, migration, mitigation, and adaptation. We experience in this diverse exhibition how artists are wrestling with and interpreting the vast array of complex climate change topics such as environmental ecosystems at risk, commentary on the political-economic players, and highly intrapersonal struggles humans experience. We see through these selected works the power of art to communicate on a truly visceral level. Artists approach these topics from many angles through work that is literal, abstract, expressive, or refined. Art Works Downtown offers a new platform for artists to lead the community in an exploration of the local, as well as the global, implications of climate change, providing potential for hope and peril. Through these selected works, we hope to inspire the audience to engage in discussion, both at the exhibition and in their daily lives, to educate themselves and be empowered to make a difference.


April Minnich-Bucksbaum
the Executive Director and Co-Founder of The Baum Foundation. Since 2003, The Baum Foundation has worked to improve the quality of people’s lives by supporting programs in the arts, education and environment with a focus on conservation of biodiversity. The Baum Foundation mission is to support creativity in the arts, provide educational tools and opportunities for youth and put programs in place to protect, restore and sustain the environment. The Baum Foundation has worked globally to improve the health of the planet and the human condition by supporting programs that build awareness, shift public attitudes, and expand implementation of sustainable solutions for the environment.

baum foundation

Additional Exhibitions:
January: Sea Stars by Ellen Litwiller, 1325 Donors’ Gallery  
January: MetamorphosisExplorations of Climate Change by Visual Arts students at Terra Linda High School, Underground Gallery  
January: Message from the Deep; Portraiture of the Anthropocene by Tess Felix, Founders’ Gallery  
January: San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development CommissionArtist Wall  
February: King Tides, photography project by Marin School of Environmental Leadership students, Artist Wall  

Additional Events and Collaboration:
January 8: The Game of Floods , informational booths at the Art Works Downtown 2nd Friday Art Walk
February 8–10: California Film Institute environmental films and Marin Environmental Youth Forum  at the Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center 
February 12: Performances by Marin Academy  and Marin School of Environmental Leadership , Art Works Downtown 2nd Friday Art Walk

Art Works Downtown appreciates the collaborative spirit of the above participants, the City of San Rafael, and Cory Bytof, the city's volunteer and sustainability program coordinator.