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Technological Mediations 2015

Beltran Minneman Cinema Snowglobe 5x7

Cinema Snowglobe © 2015 JD Beltran and Scott Minneman, glass sphere with fluid, snow, film, custom electronics and circuitscustom software and hardware, glass globe, film and video, custom display, 2.5” x 2.5” x 2.5”
 duration variable URL 
For more information on the Cinema Snowglobe, see

Technological Mediations

July 31—September 18, 2015
Receptions: August 14, 5-8pm
+ September 11, 5–8pm

Curator's Talk: August 29, 11am

Technology has fundamentally changed how we experience the world. It mediates our sense of place, our identity, our relationships and communities. The artists in Technological Mediations use technology to discuss our mediated lives in the digital age.

Curated by Victoria Mara Heilweil
Photographic Artist / Curator / Educator 

Featuring: JD Beltran and Scott Minneman, Ryan Berkey, Jim Campbell, Craig Dorety, Mitra Fabian, Peter Foucault, Charles Gadeken, Victoria Heilweil and Phil Spitler, Scott Kildall, Jenny Odell, Penny Olson, and Tim Thompson and Paul Sable Snibbe

Jim Campbell's works are exhibited courtesy of the artist and Hosfelt Gallery.
Craig Dorety's works are exhibited courtesy of Johansson Projects.

Penny Olson's works are exhibited courtesy of Chandra Cerrito Contemporary.

Quadrilateral Hyperbolae Craig Dorety (Courtesy of Johansson Projects) All the People in Dolores Park Jenny Odell
Quadrilateral Hyperbolae © Craig Dorety (Courtesy of Johansson Projects)Aluminum Composite Material (Alupanel), PVC, Custom Electronics, Abstracted Digital Imagery; 24"x24x3"

All the People in Folores Park © Jenny Odell, 
mounted print 28"x26" 

Data Crystals Scott Kildall  Victoria Mara Heilweil and Phil Spitler Circuit Dancers
Dark Crystals © Scott Kildall, 3D-printed scupltures, 8"x8"x8" 

Circuit Dancers © Victoria Mara Heilweil and Phil Spitler, 
wood, steel, backlit film, LED's;102"x80"

Tim Thompson and Paul Sable Snibbe Space Pallette  Peter Foucault Attraction Repulsion

Space Pallette © Tim Thompson and Paul Sable Snibbe, 
wood, Microsoft Kinect, video screen;60"x84"

Attraction/Repulsion: Redux © Peter Foucault,
1 finished drawing, microphones, paper, robots; 48"x50"'

Victoria Heilweil' s Bio:
Victoria Mara Heilweil is a nationally exhibited photographic artist, curator and educator. She received her Masters of Fine Arts from California College of the Arts in 1995. Her work has been included in exhibitions at Intersection for the Arts, Southern Exposure and RayKo Photo Center in San Francisco, the Robert V. Fullerton Art Museum in Southern California, the Minneapolis Photo Center, Perspective Fine Art in Evanston, IL, the Visual Arts Center in Portsmouth, VA and the Washington Square Art Galleries in New York City. In 2013 Victoria had two solo exhibitions at the California State University Chico Art Gallery, and wall space gallery in Santa Barbara, CA. Recently, Victoria’s photographs were included in Relics, an exhibition at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, and she had a solo exhibition at Artworks Downtown in San Rafael. Victoria will be an artist in residence at the de Young Museum in July 2015. She has also created public and community based art works in conjunction with the ZERO1 Bienniale in San Jose, CA and the Bayview Opera House in San Francisco, CA.

Victoria is a founding member of MicroClimate Collective, an artist created curatorial project, which has produced eleven exhibitions over the past seven years. She is also an independent curator, whose exhibition, Edible Ephemera, examined the fleeting temporal nature of food through artworks utilizing transmutation to create a more permanent state. The exhibition was held at Root Division in San Francisco in 2013. Victoria will be curating an upcoming exhibition, Technological Mediations, at Artworks Downtown in August.  

In addition to her exhibition and curatorial history, Victoria has taught for the past 18 years at colleges and community centers, and is a mom to a funny and inquisitive 8-year-old daughter.