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Jeremy Morgan 2013

Jeremy Morgan Exhibit at Art Works DowntownJeremy Morgan

January 10—February 28, 2014
Receptions: January 10, 5-8pm + February 14, 5-8pm

Curated by Stan Gibbs + Linda Samuels

Jeremy Morgan’s work grows from a contemplation of the fusion of both conceptual and perceptual models. The paintings become pivotal points between internal feeling and external stimuli, a meeting place of the material and non-material. The source of the work is the phenomena of physical processes and structures of the natural environment and reflections on the same.

At the center of the process are paintings that are allied with photographic and collage techniques; a dialogue emerges between the photo-reprographic and the improvised moments of painting. The images are realizations of the sense and concepts based upon ideas that nature symbolizes that the permanent condition is one of constant flux, wherein through creative acts, time-space and consciousness coalesce. 

Jeremy Morgan  Jeremy Morgan

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