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Clay & Beyond 2011

Clay & BeyondClay+Beyond

curated by Carol Durham and Dianne Romaine
Lauren Ari, Carol Fregoso, Gregg Jabs, Margaret Moster + Tebby George

June 24 - August 5, 2011
in the 1337 Gallery



Lauren Ari    •    Carol Fregoso        Tebby George       Gregg Jabs        Margaret Moster

Clay+Beyond banner


Clay & Beyond is an exhibit celebrating an array of three-dimensional media ranging from clay to concrete to installation. The exhibit features the work of several artists who each provide a fresh approach to sculpture.

Lauren Ari is a published illustrator and painting teacher. Her work, described as “raw and optimistic,” ranges from painting directly on women’s bodies to using found books as the foundation for paintings to colorful sculptures. Her Making Beds series of ceramic bedscapes explores the complex relationship of sleep and dreamtime.

Carol Holtzman Fregoso works primarily with the human figure, using her sculptures in order to represent a variety of raw emotions. Using materials such as porcelain, cast bronze, concrete and stoneware she sculpts depictions of the everyday man and everyday woman. website

Tebby George and Margaret Moster are also sculptors inspired by the figure, creating serene works mainly of faces and torsos. They individually and collectively work with coldcasting, a process similar to bronze casting but requires no high fire melting of metal, which allows for greater flexibility and experimentation.

One of George’s main inspirations is the disparity among the cultures that surround her, using sculpture as a way to better understand the similarities and differences between them. She builds hollow pieces and often finishes them with stains, oxides, slips and glazes. As a former student of George’s, Margaret Moster also mixes in media such as hemp, fabric, burlap and stones to capture and express the human form, even in fragments.

Gregg Jabs is grounded in the ceramic arts but enjoys experimenting with mixed media in the hopes of finding exciting ways to help make clay a serious fine art medium. Jabs uses multiple figures and materials to create narrative installations that incorporate a range of personal to socio-political contexts.



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