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Pivot and Spin

Art by Terra Linda High School Drawing and Painting and Ceramics Students


June 11–July 9, 2021


This has been the year of the pivot. Last spring, we went on lockdown, and students were sent home with maybe a Chromebook, maybe not. Art students made work with what they had on hand at home. This fall, we pivoted, and students were able to get art materials, but we were all figuring out how to learn techniques virtually, how to set up spaces to work in at home, how to photograph our work, how to talk about it over Zoom. Virtual school stretched on. Restrictions eased, and some students were able to come back into the classroom. We pivoted again, figuring out how to learn, create, practice and critique with masks, in school and on Zoom.


The work represents what Terra Linda student artists have done at home and in school, with inspiration and input from their homes, their neighborhoods, and their communities. It expresses their interests, their feelings about the past year, and their art practice. Artists in Art 1, Art 2, Art 3, Art 4, AP Studio Art, Ceramics 1, Ceramics 2 and Ceramics 3 have work displayed here: a range from students who are newer to art to students who have spent most of their life creating artwork. We hope you enjoy the show! 



Pivot and Spin virtual gallery