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Small Works Exhibition

SmallWorks2020 website imageNovember 13—December 27, 2020

  1. virtual exhibit: click here

  2. gallery store: click here

  3. in person gallery visit: Sat + Sun, 12–5pm, Nov 21–December 21, Black Friday and Dec 22 + 23. Go to 1337 Fourth Street San Rafael CA.

Receptions through Zoom: November 13, December 11, 6pm

  1. attend the virtual receptions and Art Walk: click here


The Small Works Exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to discover unique fine art for the holiday gift-giving season.

featuring: Diane Abt, Sheldon Bachus, Kate Barrengos, Linda Belden, Janet Bogardus, Sue Bradford, Jean Brodie, Mia Brown, Gail Coito, Daniel Crowe, Tara Daly, Norma Dimaulo, Suzanne Engelberg, Nancy Garcia, Anki Gelb, Gary Hauser, Roni Hoffman, Tim Horn, Barbara Jacobs, Maria Kazanskaya, Betsy Kellas, Connie Kirk, Elisabeth Koss, Danguole Kuolas, Antonia Lawson, Carrie Lederer, Joanne Lee, Fernando Lopez, Ezra Mara, Susan McCormick, Marianne McCraney, John McDonald, Topaze Moore, Carol Myer, Jeffrey Nemeroff, Cecily O'Connor, Patricia Oji, Kathy Pallie, Kate Peper, Davis Perkins, Margo Reis, Heather Robinson, Mary Serphos, Mimi Sheiner, Mark Thomas, Will Toft, John Torrey, Elizabeth Wayman, Arlene Wohl, Linda Yoshizawa

juror: Jack Fischer, owner and director, Jack Fischer Gallery 

juror's statement "On small works:" 

     "I truly loved curating this show and seeing the wide variety of works that were submitted. Being privy to the efforts that were made by all of you was really a humbling event. All of the work was so deeply personal and deeply felt that it was difficult to not feel and empathize with the disappointment that must have occurred to those of you that I did not choose. I was faced with the onerous task of winnowing the entries down to the few from the many that were sent.

     Besides the deeply personal work and its emotional content, there was also the fact that all this work bore the all-important evidence of the hand involved in the mark-making. When I curate, I want the hand of the artist to be obvious. I want to feel the travel of the hand across the canvas, paper, stone, even the photograph.   

     I have always been attracted to the intimate moments that a small work of art affords us. If I could, I would have a room devoted to one beautiful Indian miniature painting, giving truth to the adage that bigger is not always better."


Small Works Virtual Exhibit
To purchase artwork, visit Gallery 1337 Sat and Sun, 12–5pm starting Nov 21, or go to the online gallery store by clicking here