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Color, Line, Shape, and Gesture

LionNini Deliquescenceby Nini Lion

October 8, 5–8pm, 2021

Founders' Gallery

Ihave always been intrigued by figures—their character and attitude. My abstract paintings are based on life drawings seen through the lens of color, line, and texture. As the light shifts during the day or night, the viewer is drawn to other planes and images, offering alternate focal points.


My sculptures continue this exploration of figuration, suggesting something elemental, open to multiple interpretations.  In my new sculpture series, Adagio with Strings, hand built and carved figures move in response to air currents, as delicate mobiles in a slow dance.  In all of my work, I use color and shape, line and gesture, to animate these figures and forms–to infuse them with the energy of life.

LionNini CalyxV LionNini CalyxXIII