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Intimacy by Sara Gallagher

September 19–October 25, 2020

Virtual Exhibit (visit)
AWD Gallery Store (visit)


InsideIntimacy /‘in(t)əməsē/ 

noun (plural intimacies) 

close familiarity or friendship; closeness: the intimacy between one and one’s self; partner; family; community.


Each drawing begins with a dialogue, an intimate moment of listening, sharing, and connecting with the participating individual(s). From there, the emotional state that identified itself most throughout the discussion becomes the artwork’s subject matter. The goal of visually encapsulating this emotion by use of realism is meant to evoke the feeling back to the viewer—in a way that both feels very real and very surrealthe conveying of a non-physical state. The artwork breathes in full any time that someone new reaches out expressing a moment of deep resonance because of the piece, sparking a dialogue once again, breaking the taboos to keep mental and emotional health out of social spaces, finding solidarity and compassion in individuals from all over the globe.



Sara studied Photography at CSU Long Beach before receiving her BFA with a Dual Emphasis in Painting & Drawing and Photography from San Francisco State University in 2013. She attended the Artist in Residence program at Elsewhere Studios in Paonia, Colorado in 2014, and completed a certificate program in Advanced Realism in Portrait Drawing through the Dzimirsky Realism Art Mater Atelier (D.R.A.M.A.) in Warmsen, Germany in 2019. As the recipient of the 2019/20 year-long EACH Foundation Studio Residency through Art Works Downtown in San Rafael, CA, Sara received funding to continue her education with her artist mentor Dirk Dzimirsky. She is still a student of his today.

This exhibition showcases the 2019–2020 EACH Foundation Resident Studio Artist.
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Intimacy Virtual Exhibit


To purchase Sara's artwork, visit the AWD Gallery Store: HERE