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Founders Gallery - Current Exhibit

Founders' Gallery • Current

Bing Zhang 

Beach © 2020 Bing Zhang, oil on canvas, 
60" x 120" divided onto 3 canvases of 36" + 48" + 36".

Moments of Introspection

Bing Zhang 

I tend to paint people in moments of introspection or concentration. I want to capture moments when people show their real character and mood which are normally hidden behind the mask they put on in public. My painting is also about story telling. I try to tell stories that show the hidden truth which reflects people’s relationship, their living condition, their mental state, their interests, and other aspects of their disposition in the world. My goal is to search out the humanity within these situations. 

I came to the U.S. in 2001 from Beijing, China. I received an MFA in 2011 from San Francisco Art Institute. After graduation, I have been painting in my studio in San Jose, CA. Instagram: 

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