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Gallery 1337 • Current

Elder Lauren Moho

Lauren Elder and Collaborators, R.I.P. – A lament for recently extinct species. paper maché, acrylic paint; dimensions varies; 2020 – ongoing.


Michele Guieu, Down To Earthreclaimed industrial materials (thread, wood, yarn, driftwood, cardboard) 8’ x 20’, varies.

HarrowerJuniper JTree entangelments

Juniper Harrower, Disrupted symbiosis: Joshua tree entanglements,  ink, acrylic, Joshua tree seed oil, string, wood from salvaged Jack rabbit homestead. 19”x15”; 2022.

KimJanette Bartertown Snapshot

Janette Kim / Urban Works Agency, Bartertown, paper and plastic, 2017-2018.

SiskinSharon RisingWorldAtlas

Sharon Siskin, Rising (world map); burnt found atlas

manske.wylde yatt 02

Kent Manske & Nanette Wylde, You are the Tree, paper pulp sculpture made from locally sourced craft industry byproducts; 4’ x 10’ x 10”;  2020.

McCormikckDaniel OBrienMary  Flood Plain Wall

Daniel McCormick and Mary O’Brien, Flood Plain Wall, photograph of installation at River Fork Ranch, 11” x 17” and 1”.

Pine fourglobes

Zach Pine, Sand Globes Worldwide: Crissy Field East Beach #1, San Francisco, California, dye sublimation print on white base aluminum, bamboo mount, 18 x 12”.

Zimmer-ChuLisa LIFE. entire board

Lisa Zimmer-Chu, LIFE ReImagined: A Quest, (board game prototype, assemblage, Found/Repurposed objects.

EcoArt: Envisioning Strategies and Solutions

February 3–March 25, 2023
February 10, 
5–8pm: Reception and Art Walk February 21, 6pm: EcoArt Talk

March 10, 
5–8pm: Reception and Art Walk

Curated by Deanna Pindell
In collaboration with Women Eco Artists Dialog (WEAD)

Interactive and often playful, these eco-artworks offer inspiring visions, strategies, and solutions to help our communities build resilience for our changing climate. Each of these widely accomplished artists have created projects in service to the world beyond the gallery.

Several are games that help us solve regional issues; others combine play, work, and education to restore beaches, riparian habitats, and redwood forests. Our love of trees, grief over rising seas and extinctions, concerns about waste, and passions for the cultural histories of our local places are each addressed in enterprising community-engagement designed by artists and architects. Viewers are encouraged to envision a most desirable future.



Featuring artists:
Michele Guieu
Janette Kim
Lauren Elder
Juniper Harrower
Kent Manske and Nanette Wylde
Daniel McCormick and Mary O’Brien
Zach Pine
Sharon Siskin
Lisa Zimmer-Chu


WEAD is a pioneering network of feminist eco­artists, educators, curators, and writers working toward the goal of a just and healthy world. We focus on women’s unique perspective in ecological and social justice art. WEAD maintains an invaluable website ( that serves as a virtual gallery of eco­artists work, connects artists and curators with exhibition opportunities, and educates and enlightens through its groundbreaking WEAD Magazine.Founded 25 years ago, WEAD is now a non-profit collective serving an international community of artists, educators, writers, and curators with a variety of programming. WEAD, the Women Eco Artists Dialog, is still based in the Bay Area.

WEAD logo

Curator Bio
Deanna Pindell
Ecological art, grounded in science and created in the commons, has been Deanna Pindell’s passion for four decades. Indigenous rights, multispecies justice, forest habitat, and water quality are among the issues she has addressed through her profession as a public artist, educator, curator, writer, and arts administrator. 


She explores the complexity of these concerns, collaborates with scientists and stakeholders, and proposes functional, remediative solutions when possible. A bioremediation island in Cambodia, a stormwater swale/play area in North Carolina, playfully interactive State Park signage in Washington, and the addition of Indigenous language way-markers to a campus in Washington are examples.


Pindell received her MFA in Interdisciplinary Art at Goddard College and is now faculty at Olympic College, WA. Her writings have been published in the book Ecoart in Action and in Antennae:Journal of Nature in Visual Culture; she has won several grants and awards for her work; and she serves on the board of WEAD (Women Eco Artists Dialog). She lives in the rural Pacific Northwest with kin and critters.

February 21, 6pm: EcoArt Talk

How do PLAY and CREATIVITY guide us toward great solutions in a time of climate conundrums? Join us for a lively discussion with several EcoArtists who are making changes in our world! 

Curator Deanna Pindell in conversation with exhibiting artists: Lauren Elder, Michele Guieu, Janette Kim,Kent Manske/Nanette Wylde, Daniel McCormick/Mary O'Brien, Zack Pine, Lisa Zimmer-Chu