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Gallery 1337 • Current

 Contemporary Botanicals


Contemporary Botanicals

April 1–May 21, 2022: exhibition dates

Thursday–Saturday, 1–8pm: public hours

Friday April 8, 5–8pm: opening reception and Art Walk

Friday May 13, 5–8pm:  reception and Art Walk



Exhibit Statement
Art Works Downtown presents Contemporary Botanicals to celebrate spring by showcasing an artistic garden of varied approaches to, interpretations of, and expression through, our relationship to flora and fauna.


Valentina Arenas Catalán, Lucy Arnold, Ilene Avery, Kate Barrengos, Larry Batti, Benjamin Benet, Tori Berghoff, Linda Lee Boyd, Jan Buscho, Claudia Campazzo, Sonia Gill, AnneKarin Glass, Ayris Hatton, Cassidy Hersey, Donald Hershman, Susan Hontalas, Rachel Kalman, Andrzej Michael Karwacki, Jeff Key, Derek Lynch, Gail Miles, Pamela Mooney, Susan Press, Bill Russell, Susan Searway-Fertig, Rainey Straus, Nadia Tarzi-Saccardi, Carol Thomas, M. Denise Ward, June Yokell, Susan Zimmerman


Vanessa Indies, Director of Hashimoto Contemporary, San Francisco;


juror statement:
I want to thank Art Works Downtown for the opportunity to be a juror for their upcoming Contemporary Botanicals group exhibition. I had an amazing time viewing every artist's submissions and am inspired by all of the great artwork created by these local artists. I hope you enjoy the final selection of works!