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1337 Gallery • Current


April 26–June 7, 2019
Reception: May 10 • 5–8pm


Coastal celebrates and explores the Bay Area’s broad and diverse coastal region, including inland and sea, from Santa Cruz to Bodega Bay by sharing a collection of artistic interpretations and renditions.

Featuring: Cary Bailey, David Barry, Janice Best, Tim Brody, Jan Buscho, Christin Coy, Harlan Crowder, Ian Day, Mary DeShaw,Steve Emery, Virginia Fauvre, Janey Fritsche, Neil Goldstein, Kathryn Gray, Irene Hardy, Elia Haworth, Jeff Ishikawa, Juli Lederhaus, Sarah Lee, Linda Lieberman, John Lund, Margaret Niven, Cindy Ostroff, Kathy Pallie, Sara Post, Linda Ryan, Mary Sheft, David Smith, Christine So, Ann Switzer, Carol Thomas, Cecelia Thorner, Jack Weaver

Juror: Elia Haworth, Curator of Coastal Marin Art & History at the Bolinas Museum; 

Images: © Irene Hardy (left top); © Sarah Lee (left middle); © Janice Best (left bottom); © Ian Day (2nd top); © Ann Switzer (2nd middle); © Janey Fritsche (2nd bottom); © Kathryn Gray (3rd top); © Steve Emery (3rd 1st middle); © Mary Sheft (3rd 2nd middle); © Cindy Ostroff (3rd bottom); © Cecelia Thorner (right top); © Mary DeShaw (right middle); © Cary Bailey (right bottom).