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1325 Donors Gallery

1325 Donors' Gallery • Current 


Charlie Callahan 

 Lona Misa © 2019 Charlie Callahan, acrylic on wood panel, 4' x 5'.

Charlie Callahan3

G. E. P. A. © 2019 Charlie Callahan, installation, Art Works Downtown.

Charlie Callahan2

Lona Misa (work in progress with artist) © 2019 Charlie Callahan, acrylic on wood panel, 4' x 5'.

Charlie Callahan

September 13—October 7, 2019
Reception: September 13, 5pm–8pm

Charlie Callahan was born in Columbus, Ohio, and is currently a West Marin artist whose concepts consist of imagining a global environmental protection agency or G. E. P. A.—“One that works for the interest of all sentient beings.”  

Charlie has lived in California for 20 years under the moniker Seelife and has exhibited from Tokyo to Chelsea and back to the Bolinas Book Exchange. His public murals can be seen in both Mill Valley and San Francisco. You may also catch his work at the Mill Valley City Council Chambers in November. For exhibition details, commissions, or available works, email Seelife at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..