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1325 Donors' Gallery • Current 

Botanical Beauty Red Flame
Red Flame © 2018 Bobbi Likover, colored pencil, 11” x 14”.

Botanical Beauty

Bolinas School of Botanical Art Exhibition

August 10-September 8, 2018
Receptions: August 10 • 5–8pm

Artists: Anna Gade, Ashley Ratcliffe, Betsyann Gallagher, Bobbi Likover, Bruce Bowser, Cathy Cook, Dana O’Connor, Heather Clapp, Indigo Molina, John Tillapaugh, Joni Harding, Judith Lowry, Judith Shaw, Judy Stemen, Marisa Willow, Meg Simonds, Melinda Stone, Phil Butler, Phil Binley, Sandy Thomas, Vera Louie

The Bolinas School of Botanical Art exhibition celebrates the beauty and intricacy of various plants found growing in West Marin.  These accurate plant portraits were created by local Bolinas and Stinson Beach artists. Media used includes graphite, colored pencils and watercolor pencils.

Botanical art is a centuries-old art form that has a long and colorful history dating back to the 1400’s.   With the advent of photography, botanical art went dormant for nearly 100 years, but saw a rebirth in the late 1900’s.

A blend of art and science, botanical art captures the essence of plant species.  After closely observing and measuring the plant subjects, the artist discovers amazing details.  The challenge for the botanical artist is to both describe each plants’ unique qualities and recreate its grace and beauty.

The BSBA was founded in 2014 by Molly Brown and has continuing ongoing classes in Bolinas.


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