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Art Talk - Exposure Alternatives for Your Art

Exposure Alternatives for Your Art

Martha Zlatar

Saturday, January 30 • 1pm–3pm in the Multipurpose Room

Speaker: Martha Zlatar, Artist Success Coach, ArtMatch

Cost for the general public $25 
Free to Members (20 people maximum)

Back by popular demand, Marhta Zlatar (presented at AWD in May 2015 to a sold-out crowd) will present a workshop on Exposure Alternatives for Your Art.

Designing an exposure strategy for your art can be a challenging and daunting task. Mainstream art galleries are only one way to sell you artwork.  Though some successful artists sell their art only through galleries, many do a combination of galleries plus non-art and alternative venues while others skip galleries all together.   Designed specifically for visual artists, this workshop will get you thinking beyond the gallery system so that you can start designing a strategy based on the type of art that you make and who likes your work.  

In this two hour workshop you will learn:

  •        5 habits of highly effective artists
  •         why you want to get exposure and what is your ultimate goalis  
  •        types of venues to get your art seen ( from museums and commercial galleries to  non-art and alternative spaces)
  •         if the gallery system right for you
  •         how your goals, your type of art, and your target market define where you exhibit
  •          Possible strategies for your art career

About Martha Zlatar

Martha has advised emerging and mid-career visual artists on realizing their artistic goals for the last 13 years. She coaches on clarity of vision, relationship with money, embracing the business owner within, time management, unleasing your creativity and many other issues relevant to artists and art entrepreneurs.  Martha’s passion for psychology, business and the arts led her to launch ArtMatch, an art business and creativity coaching practice that supports creatives on becoming more “business savvy” and “professionals” on becoming more “creative”.

Her 27 years of diverse business experience took her to the worlds of Market Research, International Business, Event Management & Promotion, Training and Meeting Facilitation and Art Business Consulting (New York City, Brussels, New Orleans and San Francisco). Aside from running her private practice, she was also a Consultant for the Small Business Development Center in San Francisco and Oakland.

Martha also lectures on the Selling Your Art, Marketing Alternatives for Your Art, Unleashing Your Creativity and co-facilitates creativity workshops like Crouching Tiger Hidden Artist and Walking in This World.

Her eclectic background brings a fresh and new perspective to the art business world and the Arts Community. She is originally from Colombia, has a degree in Marketing, an MBA, and is fluent in Spanish and French. Though she enjoys photography, collaging, improv acting, dancing and drawing with tea and ink, her true passion still remains “transformation” and inspiring that in others.