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2nd Friday Art Walk

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WineSymbol    venues with wine supporting art walk
strawberry-icon   venues with refreshments
music   venues with live music or DJ
yellowstar  venues with performance or demo  
kids_icon  venues with activities
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Enjoy galleries, open studios, art exhibits, live music and refreshments as you stroll in downtown San Rafael. Anchored by Art Works Downtown galleries and artist studios, the 2nd Friday Art Walk links venues along downtown Fourth Street the second Friday of each month

2019 Art Walk dates: 1/11, 2/8, 3/8, 4/12, 5/10, 6/14, 7/12, 8/9, 9/13, 10/11, 11/8, 12/13

To learn how to participate click here  

Art Walk map for 
January 11, 2019  5-8pm*

*Open hours vary depending on the venue. See current listings on this website page during week of the Art Walk. Printed Maps are available at participating venues during the week of the Art Walkdownload January 2019 map 

1611 4th st  Rebound Bookstore 
 Treasures From My Dreams
Retrospective of artist Steve Hurst

1515 3rd st  Marin Society of Artists strawberry-icon 
reception: Elements, a national show featuring art inspired by the Periodic Table and the various elements that make up our universe. The United Nations has declared that 2019 is the international year of the Periodic Table, and there are events taking place all over the world - including San Rafael! Come and see this unique show. In addition, the Marin Society o Artists features artwork my MSA member artists in our Flex and Downstairs galleries, and two floors of Artist studios.

1340 4th st  Mc Rosky Mattress Company   strawberry-icon music
music: BayCoin Beats with Jae Stix
Jae Stix has always been fascinated with instruments and the amazing way performing can touch each and every person. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, she started her gift at a very young age. She grew up playing in a gospel church, and got her first break playing in the choir at the age of five years old. From then, she continued her gift and played with numerous bands and groups throughout the Bay Area as a teenager.As Jae attended college, she played in many churches and for many groups and artist throughout the Southern states. After completing her college studies and obtaining her teaching degree, she returned home to focus more on her music career.

1337 4th st  Art Works Downtown  strawberry-icon WineSymbol  
reception: Restless Garden, Stephanie Jucker  info 
“Things in the garden are making me nervous. To quote William Blake’s poem Garden of Love, I am seeing ‘what I never had seen.’ My use of garden as a metaphor is partly influenced by the iconography of a Catholic upbringing, with its portrayals of Eden, and a nostalgia for the English garden I played in as a child. I revisit that sense of play in my work, but from a place of experience. My response to feeling anxious has been to recycle materials that accumulate around me. With burnt, water-damaged, and discarded stuff, I construct symmetrically balanced compositions to reassure and ground myself. The design is informed by the geometry of insects and flowers resulting in wall pieces, books, and mobiles compositionally anchored by a central axis. From this secure core they burst with life, referencing the giddy optimism of creation in the face of a tenuous future.

The garden wants change and has ideas of its own. Whether we’ll be around to see what those are really hangs in the balance.” Stephanie Jucker

 Underground Gallery (AWD)  info 
Stories in Clay, ceramics sculpture by Susan Press
Using both low and high fire clay I construct variations on the human figure. Sometimes the form takes that of hanging puppets and other times free standing or walled-boxed figures. My work has often been described as illustrative. With each piece I do attempt to tell a story either with the figure or figures in the piece, and/or the materials I use to embellish the work. Photo strips are chosen to relate to the figures and their expressions. Found materials are meant to trigger a memory or personal story in those viewing a figure. I hope to sometimes stir emotions including delight and humor.

Founders' Gallery (AWD)   info 
reception: The Woven Line, handwoven tapestry Alex Friedman 
This exhibit will feature some of my explorations of unorthodox tapestry technique. By using slits, eccentric weft, and unusual materials I am able to enhance the expressiveness of a traditional tapestry.

1325 Donors'Gallery info 
reception: Wild + Free, Tina Von Nachtigal
Wild + Free is a collection of paintings where I painted intuitively. My focus is to capture the instinct and magic that happens when creating. I allow the act of painting to lead me, letting the work be a record of each moment.

• Cedars kids_icon
activity: Making Collage

1331 4th st Marin Jewelers Guild  strawberry-icon WineSymbol
AWD In-House Studio Artists at the Guild

917 C st Youth In Arts    WineSymbol  kids_icon

exhibition: Inspire, teaching artists exhibition
activities: Includes hands on art activity for all ages.
We are working with the city to get community (specifically youth) feedback for San Rafael’s 2040 Plan.

San Rafael 2040 - Interactive Response Map 
Participants will consider their dreams for San Rafael in 2040. Using tags featuring categories such as “arts and culture,” "open spaces,” “transportation,” and “community gathering spaces.” Participants will be encouraged to choose the ones that best represent their wants and needs and mark an enlarged map of San Rafael with their tags. In this way, gallery visitors will be polled in an interactive way to gain better insight into their expectations for the future of San Rafael. 

Community Vision for San Rafael
Participants will be provided with small paper squares and drawing utensils. They will be prompted to draw how their choices in the Interactive Response Map might be realized in the actual landscape of San Rafael. Participants will be able to take their mini-artwork home with them or add it to a larger collaborative art piece which will be featured in the Youth in Arts downtown gallery.

1020 B st VenturePad   strawberry-icon 
reception: Showcasing Mark Mathisen Miller, Nance Miller, and Jane Heaphy 
A variety of modern artworks from each artist.

1138 4th st Rileystreet Art Supply   strawberry-icon WineSymbol music 
reception: Mixed Media by Paula Jarvis
music: Gary and the Crew

905 4th st Crome Architecture   strawberry-icon 
reception: Werifesteria, Krista Kielman
Meaning in old English:“To wander longingly trough the forest in search of mystery.” Krista Kielman’s Art represent Spirit Portals, exploring mystic landscapes of nebulas and other worldly dimensions shown through the lens of Psilocybin.


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  • Participating Venues must provide art/event information two Tuesdays prior to the 2nd Friday event.
  • Venues interested in serving wine must follow the AWD Art Walk Policies and Procedures:  click here  Including: $25 for a ABC license fee, Property owner signature, How to sell wine
  • Participation Form
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