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Studio 30: Naomi Alessandra

Naomi Alessandra 

Naomi Alessandra TUSSLE

Tussle © Naomi Alessandra

Naomi Alessandra NACHT

Nacht © Naomi Alessandra

Naomi Alessandra EN QUEEN

En Queen © Naomi Alessandra

The Max Thelen Studio Residency

watercolor, pen & ink, multimedia

Naomi Alessandra studied comparative literature before embarking on a career in fashion illustration and design. Recently she has turned her attention to telling visual stories on a more substantial scale with large works on paper and hand-painted animations. 

“I am interested in the portrayal of the inconsistencies, aberrations, and inherent dynamism of my subjects. Any story worth telling contains characters who embody contradictory impulses, and who mutate depending on the perspective from which they are examined. The multiplicity of the human experience and the impossibility of collapsing a human story into a single narrative fascinates me—that impossibility itself is the story I seek to tell. Visually, this translates into my practice of shoving multiple points of view, varied moments in time, or paradoxical character attributes into one frame.”

Contact Info:

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