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Volunteer Tachina

volunteer Tachina Garcia-Garza
(photo: Cindy A. Pavlinac)

We depend on our supporters for their time and talents as well as their donations. Our Volunteers play an essential role in supporting the administration and programing of Art Works Downtown. As a volunteer, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you are part of a team, and that you are essential to the success of AWD and its mission. You will help AWD foster a sense of community and build connections between people through shared experiences with the arts and culture. 

 Volunteer Opportunities

Occasionally other volunteer opportunities are also available. Please consider joining us to help with activities such as:

To learn more, download an application HERE or contact us 

 CVNL 2017-2
Ellen Leo, Anne Shaheen, Stan Gibbs, Elisabeth Setten 

Our nominee for Volunteer of the Year: Anne Shaheen


Anne greatly helped our organization by taking-on challenging job with a short time-line. To celebrate our 20th year, Art Works Downtown held our biggest celebration on September 24th. This event required the collection and organization of over 30 volunteers. With only three weeks until the party, we were still without a volunteer manager. After volunteering for only a few sporadic days, the Art Works Downtown staff thought Anne would be the best person for the job, but they were hesitant to ask because of the scope of work and lack of time. Despite this Anne accepted the responsibility without a bat of an eyelash. She immediately organized a list of volunteers and began soliciting all of the wonderful people who helped make our event successful. Anne worked for two weeks straight contacting people and implementing her volunteer event plan. By the beginning of event week, she had organized over 30 scheduled commitments, which we’ve never achieved. Thanks to her deftness, the rest of the event team was able to focus on their responsibilities and the staff was able to continue working on their day-to-day duties. Without Anne’s contribution, the event would have greatly suffered leaving our community feeling uninspired. While our celebration was in fact just a party, it was very important to us to make it successful for all involved. The celebration was intended to recognize all of the blood, sweat, tears, and creativity that so many people have contributed to the Art Works Downtown organization while inspiring new visions and participation for the next 20 years. This unquantifiable result is what we achieved. Just like our past 20 years, Art Works Downtown continues to enrich our society by connecting the community and art. Anne Shaheen’s selfless involvement has stoked the fire of inspiration into the community that supports and benefits Art Works Downtown.





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