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Studio 10: Christine Cohen

Acrylic painter, realism to abstract

Time Christine Cohen
Time © Christine Cohen
Art has moved me all my life, although my early artistic endeavors may have been less an expression of childlike exuberance than therapy and the yearning for emotional nurturance.

Born and raised in Germany, I was 2 years old when World War 2 ended in 1945. In my teenage years I delighted in a huge art-postcard collection, with Picasso being my all-time hero. Equipped with the talent of the old masters he chose daring expressions over aesthetic appeasement, reflecting raw emotions and the exchange between the inner and outer world. Although many of the most celebrated elements of his art are not obvious in my current work I always felt kinship with Picasso's constant reinvention of himself.

My professional education led to a 20-year career in clothing design in Hamburg. I then worked as a designer and editor for a fashion magazine. As an artist however I am self-taught. In 1986, I settled in the Bay Area, determined to turn my part-time passion of making "real" art into a profession. This adventure took off with a surprise: Two of my very first floral watercolors, displayed at the Sausalito Art Festival in 1989, were noticed by a fine art publishing company and made into prints. Working several jobs at that time, I was elated when these became big sales successes and generated badly needed royalty income.

To stabilize this level of success and inspired by one of my enthusiastic instructors, I took up teaching myself 3 years later and discovered the great merits of this profession: It was bringing the intuitive act of painting to a conscious level, accelerated my learning process, and helped me grow personally as well as an artist.

In addition to teaching classes out off my own studio at Art Works Downtown in San Rafael, I feel fortunate to have had teaching opportunities at College of Marin, the Mendocino Art Center as well as at the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.

Contact Info:

phone: (415) 518.3431

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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