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Studio Artist Map

Art Works Downtown spans half a city block on San Rafael’s Fourth Street, with 40,000 square feet of space devoted to artistic activities. Our 37 art studios include a wide variety of individual artists, galleries, and art spaces. We also house art-related businesses Framing Interiors and Marin Jewelers Guild, as well as Green Chile Kitchen and Viva Diva. Visitors can enter the building and access art studios through any of these businesses, through our main 1337 Gallery, the 1325 Donors' Gallery, and through Susan Kirby Place (our back courtyard off D Street).

CLICK on the name to the left or the number on the map below to access their artist page.


studiomap street

studiomap lower Studio 29: Michael DikinsonUnderground GalleryStudio 16: The Sweet Spirit Ceramics Center Barbara Andino-StevensonStudio 25: Alan PlisskinStudio 28: Jason SheldrickStaff OfficeStudio 23: Alina Campbell + Michael CampbellStudio 13: Nini LionStaff OfficeMultipurpose Room Artist WallStudio 14: Deborah Darling GrayStudio 22: Angelique BenicioStudio 20: Susan TickenStudio 8: Sue WeilStudio 19: Nathan DurfeeStudio 15:The Sweet Spirit Ceramics Center Barbara Andino-StevensonStudio 17: The Sweet Spirit Ceramics Center Barbara Andino-StevensonStudio 13: Nini LionStudio 18: Susan Searway-FertigFounders' Gallery


Framing Interiors Steve Mack1325 Donors' GalleryViva Diva1325 Donors' GalleryMarin Jewelers GuildGreen Chile KitchenGreen Chile Kitchen1337 Gallery1337 GalleryStudio 33: Anne WolfeStudio 38: Ann SwitzerStudio 36: Barbara PooleStudio 35: Stephanie JuckerStudio 34: Carol DurhamStudio 37: Cindy A. PavlinacStudio 30: The Max Thelen Studio ResidencyStudio 31: Ann LangstonStudio 32: Ann BrooksMarin Jewelers GuildStudio 10: Christine Cohen + Joanne HarwoodStudio 9: Fiammetta Castaldi + Patricia OjiStudio 8: Sue WeilStudio 7: Susan McCormickViva DivaStudio 6: Margo ReisStudio 4: Jay YingerStudio 3: Davis PerkinsStudio 2: Barbara LawrenceFraming Interiors Steve Mack
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