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Studio 33: Anne E. Wolfe

Acrylic, Prints, Mixed Media, T-shirts, Repurposed Furniture

What Moved? © Anne E. Wolfe
Thank You Antimatter © Anne E. Wolfe

Still in your blue period? is often heard from people entering my studio. After some laughter and a longer look, they begin to relate to the artwork from the standpoint of their culture. An affinity for a particular shade of blue or symbol within a painting intrigues the viewer enough to ask about my process. Where, why, and how do I get my ideas?

To answer, I have to go back to some of my earliest memories in this life and share some games I played with my dad where we watched clouds and imagined them to be various things. The endless display of nature moving, whether one looks at the sky or water can affect the mind. So, because nature is creating various patterns, our minds (in response) begin to do this too.  I often remind visitors that everyone is creative no matter what they do, adding that this will give them an edge, no matter what their profession. Vision and art are critical to a society that prizes its citizens, especially its children because if there is no creativity we become stagnant.

On a more personal level, my art involves peculiar physics lessons that I've received since I was a child. Murmurs from those inhabiting the same realm became words from unseen friends or even relatives who no longer physically inhabited this world. Sometimes, a teacher would appear to me within a dream to show me enough patterns to more than fill up the world. At various times in my life, the information or guidance could come from the smallest to the largest creatures, both human and non. All of these very exciting experiences have been gifts of wisdom, truth, and beauty, inspiring me to create and attempt to explain these realties to others.

Contact Info:

phone: (415) 456-3977

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Anne Wolfe Studio is on ETSY

studio hours: Wednesdays - Fridays 3pm-5pm and by appointment