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Statement of Solidarity

In late 2020, Art Work Downtown released a Statement of Solidarity to recognize our role in ensuring a diverse and inclusive society. Since that statement, AWD has institutionalized a proactive practice by establishing a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee charged with considering DEI in all AWD’s planning, policy, and operations. Our efforts throughout the past year have included 

  • Multiple DEI education workshops for staff
  • Interviews with DEI consultants
  • Community collaborations with the Marin County Cultural Equity Network
  • Día De Los Muertos organizing committee which brought the Día De Los Muertos parade to DT San Rafael this year
  • Financial support for a new public art mural on a building used for emergency housing (soon to be converted to permanent affordable housing) located at 3301 Kerner Boulevard, San Rafael CA
  • Bi-lingual text on the AWD Call for Artist entry
  • Focused affirmative action marketing for programing, housing, contractors, and staffing
  • A new dialogue at the fore front of everything we do

As an arts and cultural organization, AWD recognizes cultural inclusivity is critical to the long-term viability of the arts sector and that everyone deserves a vibrant creative life. Our responsibility to provide an environment where visual art thrives for the well-being of community must recognize and rebuke systems of racism and segregation and build a more healthy and equitable community in Marin County. Art Works Downtown understands success in this life-long pursuit can only viewed in the results of our actions, not through words alone. For this reason, we humbly renew our commitment to holding and offering a space where all people can commune using the practice, study, and celebration of visual art.

In Unity,

AWD Staff and Board of Directors